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Innovative technology that cleans the air you breathe

OVER 50% NOx removal

GRAMM Barrier Systems - Exclusive European & MENA Partner for SmogStop

SmogStop, Air Pollution Barrier

SmogStop Barrier reduces air and noise pollution levels in surrounding neighbourhoods, and takes a two-pronged approach to reducing air pollution from major roads, highways and railways.

The patented aerodynamic design reduces pollution levels by enhancing dispersion so that neighbouring residents can breathe easier. At the same time, a proprietary coating on the barrier actually breaks down the NOx and VOCs that produce smog, transforming them into harmless byproducts.

And yes, it also blocks traffic noise.

PROBLEM: Globally, outdoor air pollution causes more than 3.7 million premature deaths each year

Every year, the world’s cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles pump millions of tonnes of pollutants into the air.

Globally, outdoor air pollution causes more than 3.7 million premature deaths each year. And much of that pollution comes from vehicles. According to a recent United Nations report, road transportation accounts for roughly half of the health costs created by air pollution in OECD countries.


An innovative noise barrier that removes air pollutants

SmogStop Barrier doesn’t just block noise. It also lets local residents breathe easier.

Independent studies prove that SmogStop cuts traffic emissions in half, while breaking down the key pollutants that create regional smog. Made from translucent acrylic, SmogStop lets the sun shine through. And best of all, this beautifully designed technology involves no electricity and no moving parts. Instead, it’s powered entirely by sunlight and the natural flow of air.

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BOTTOM-LINE BENEFITS: Reducing air pollution saves lives - and money

A single kilometre of roadside SmogStop barrier can create up to £6 million ($10.4m) in benefits each year


GRAMM is the UK leading specialist in the design, supply & installation of environmental acoustic barriers with over 25 years of experience.

GRAMM are founder members of ENBA (Environmental Noise Barrier Association), AFI (Association of Fencing Industries) and EFIA (European Fencing Industry Association).

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Exclusive European & MENA Partner for SmogStop

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