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Filter technology that transforms pollutants into harmless gases and water


Dangerous NOx and VOC emissions

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) increase the risk of everything from respiratory problems to cancer, heart disease and dementia.


They’re created by traffic, industrial emissions and off-gassing from paint, printers, carpets and other sources. Around the world, billions of people are exposed to those pollutants, indoors and out.


Create cleaner air indoors or out with SmogStop Filter

This revolutionary technology uses advanced photocatalytic technology to transform pollutants into harmless gases and water, removing up to 99 per cent of NOx and VOCs.


It integrates easily into a variety of settings — including commercial HVAC systems and industrial processes. It’s simple to install and simple to maintain.


It’s also remarkably affordable to purchase — and to run. SmogStop Filter is powered by highly efficient UV lighting and creates minimal pressure drop, keeping the energy costs lower than those of other pollution control devices.


Improve air quality in high-rise offices, condo towers and more

Say goodbye to sick building syndrome. SmogStop Filter treats the polluted outdoor air that makes its way inside, as well as formaldehyde and other VOCs given off by building materials, furnishings and cleaning chemicals.


SmogStop Filter allows office workers to be more productive. Meanwhile, residential tenants can relax, enjoying a healthier indoor environment.


SmogStop Filter is easy to install into existing ductwork. Its aerodynamic design maximizes performance while minimizing air pressure drop, reducing strain on your ventilation system. And unlike purifiers that use activated carbon filtration, it’s affordable, requires little maintenance and has an impressively long service life.

Reduce your plant’s NOx and VOC emissions by up to 99 per cent

Create a healthier environment for your employees and the communities where you operate with SmogStop Filter.


In many operating conditions, SmogStop Filter remove NOx and VOCs just as effectively as selective catalytic reduction, incineration, scrubbers and other standard pollution-control approaches.


Thanks to its aerodynamic design, SmogStop Filter creates minimal air pressure drop within your industrial process. Best of all, it doesn’t require expensive chemicals or high temperatures, keeping your operating costs low.


Bottom line benefits

By improving indoor air quality, SmogStop Filter makes buildings more attractive to prospective tenants. Clean air is a priority for individuals, while companies recognize the benefits it creates: improving employee productivity up to nine per cent, boosting cognitive performance by 60 per cent and reducing sick leave by 35 per cent. According to the Standards Council of Canada, better air quality could increase labour productivity in Canada by $7.5 billion.

For industry clients, SmogStop Filter helps control emissions, meet regulatory standards and improve community relations — all at a cost significantly lower than current pollution control technology.





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